portable with Peli-Case

To be flexible when portable on the way with the FT897D, I use a Peli-Case #1550.

he following stuff is beside the transceiver in the Peli-Case:

 -  Antenna tuner LDG AT897 installed at FT897D
10m antenna-wire with additional possible 10m extension
    for shortwave
 - UnUn 1:9 for end feeded wire (max. 20m length)
 - Balun 1:1 for dipol (2 x 10m)
 - 10m RG58 with connectors and possible 10m extension
 - microphone
 - cables, tools, gas soldering iron, adaptors, cord, log book and further small
    things stowed away
 - a accu charger ( suitable for 12V and 220V) for transceivers
    internal accu cells ( 2 x 4.5 Ah)
 - grounding rod
 - 2m/70cm mobil antenna
 - beside the case, Buddipole Antenna



PELI-Case #1550: