Sprachextractor Board DX-11
Excellent digital signal processing unit.

I installed the board together with a NF-amplifier,  mode switches and controls in one housing.
Power supply is external.
Check for details, working principles and audio files at:


Sprachextractor with NF-Filter GD-82
and Yaesu Speaker SP-8

Homebrew battery pack for FT897D

click here for battery pack description

click here for voltage drop during operation



SWR, Antenna Tuner, UHF/VHF  

Antenna Control with Hofi antenna switch
Type: HO-605

High quality professional built


HO 605 technical data

Double-sided connectors
(additional connectors below the Teflon disc)

Each switch with individual test protocol (SWR)

  up to 150 MHz    
Separation:  30 MHz  50db  /  145 MHz  40db
SWR:  30 MHz  < 1,06
Loss:  <   0,01db


Shortwave Power Amplifier  &  Automatic Tuner

ACOM1000,  1 KW key down PA
--->  more infos of  amplifier

Automatic Tuner MFJ 998, 1500 Watt

Digital Vector Watt Meter with
external RF sensor
3  Kw PEP

LP-100A, Telepost


Power Amplifier, UHF/VHF
70 cm: MIRAGE D1010

Antenna Analyzer




click to picture for more detailed pictures

SGC MAC-200 
Shortwave Transmitting Antenna Tuning
(below Kenwood Station Monitor SM220)



MIZUHO Preselector SX-3 and Tuning KX-3
Shortwave Receiving Antenna Tuning

Artificial RF Grounding (Shortwave) 


Manual: MD-100 A8X

with remote antenna tuner switch 
mounted at microphone
(with internal resistors).
  FT1000MP Tuning Device

LDG FT-Meter for FT-897
with additional installed power switch for internal lighting at the rear side



RF-Clipper for MH-31 microphone of the FT897D

Very effective, nice build and excellent working RF-Clipper of JOACHIM MÜNCH, DF4ZS
See his web side with detailled describtion:
The clipper fits perfectly in the Yaesu mic MH-31.

 1st  row: clipping,  2nd row: normal NF


Interface with internal soundcard for Digi Modes
Kit from Funkamateur Shop
Not available anymore.....

Telereader CWR-685E

RTTY + CW